Comic Zombie has been a custodian for the Umbrella Corporation, a henchman for Professor Chaos, a kicker of dogs and stealer of candy, a collection agent, an enforcer for a loan shark, a volunteer at a Kill-Only animal shelter, a violently staunch advocate for fracking and deforestation, one of those people that put those stupid flyers under your windshield wiper and when you go to drive off you realize it’s there and of course it’s raining so now you have to do that awkward reach cause you’re too lazy to just get out and walk around and now the water has like glued that stupid thing to your windshield and now you’re super agitated and traffic sucks because people apparently forget how to drive when it rains and now you’re late and in a crappy mood and you’re going to end up missing this birthday party and little Timmy can just fucking deal with it, a seal clubber, and a telemarketer.

His interests include comic books, movies, ritual sacrifice, video games and football. Contrary to popular belief, he has no familial ties to Rob Zombie, but continues to claim that he does. He currently resides in Satan’s Armpit, Florida with his awesome wife Erica and their cat army.

Erik Smash is the not-so-secret identity of Erik Slader, creator of “Epik Fails of History” @ EpikFails.com 

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  1. Hey this is Jeff co-host of The MCU’S Bleeding Edge YouTube channel/ podcast, with Geek News Now Network. Just was interested in a potential collaboration and was hoping we could speak.

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