Top 10 Worst Costume Redesigns


Superheroes and their costumes. A great costume design can go a long, long way towards character success. An iconic, visually striking look is really important. You ideally want a suit that sticks around for years and years, to the point that it becomes iconic (ie Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Captain America). What you don’t want is to do what a whooooole lot of creators have done over the years, and that is to ‘fix’ what isn’t  broken.

Nobody is immune. Spider-Man, the Flash, Green Lantern, Iron Man… at some point they’ve all had a look that could be kindly described as ‘head scratching’.

While it works out for the better sometimes (and we’ll get to that list at some point), many times the results are… cringe-worthy. In fact, there are so many bad ones that this list could go on for a long, long time, but for now we’ll stick with the top (bottom) 10…


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