The Superman Movies! (part 3)

Previously on “All Ur Movies Are Belong To Us!”…

The Superman Movies: Part One (Superman: The Movie, Superman II – both versions)

The Superman Movies: Part Two (Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace)


Supergirl (1984)

Directed By: Jeannot Szwarc

Starring: Helen Slater (Supergirl), Faye Dunaway (Selena), Peter O’Toole (Zaltar), Hart Bochner (Ethan), Mia Farrow (Alura), Brenda Vaccaro (Bianca), Peter Cook (Nigel), Simon Ward (Zor-El), Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen), Maureen Teefy (Lucy Lane)

Plot: Supergirl does stuff and… it’s just so bad. I can’t.

ComicZombie: No, you can’t make me.

ErikSmash: And thus began the darkest chapter in the history of Super Hero movies… which is really unfortunate because all these years later we have yet to have a half-way descent superhero movie with a female lead. Well at least the Supergirl show looks good and there’s a Wonder Woman movie in the works. (crosses fingers)




Steel (1997)

Directed By: Kenneth Johnson

Starring: Shaquille O’Neal (John Henry Irons/Steel), Annabeth Gish (Susan Sparks), Judd Nelson (Nathaniel Burke), Richard Roundtree (Uncle Joe), Irma P Hall (Grandma Odessa)

Plot: LMAO no, I’m good.

ComicZombie: Nope.

Erik Smash: Man, I tell you, ’97 was a baaad year for Comic Book Movies….


Up Next: Superman Returns and Man of Steel!

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