“INVINCIBLE” – Episode 5 Recap (Spoilers!)

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Episode 5: “That Actually Hurt”

WOW! Ok, just… wow, that was unexpected.

So far every single episode of this season has had a gigantic wtf moment, but that last one was truly insane! I swear, I was yelling at the TV for the entire last half of this episode. When it was all over I just looked over at my fiance and said “I seriously can’t believe they did that, that episode was so crazy!” – to which she responded, “You say that every episode.”

Ok, yeah, fair point.

Before we get into that ending though, a good chunk of this episode is devoted to showing off Titan (played masterfully by Oscar winning actor, Mahershala Ali), his powrrs, his backstory, and how his situation varies so widly from Invincible’s own experience. We get to see Titan’s homelife and his reasons for why he works as muscle for a supervillain (Machinehead), he’s a husband and a father of a sick daughter. He’s stuck in a bad situation and he’s doing his best to make things better. He seemingly wants out from under his boss’s thumb, and he sees an opportunity in Invincible. Once again, this show continues to hammer home the theme that there is no good and evil, nothing is black and white, it’s all shades of gray.

Oh and can we take a moment to just appreciate that this is an animated series based on a comic book, with two Oscar worthy actors (Steven Yeun and Mahershala Ali) playing off each other? This show really is a dream come true on so many levels.

Ok, so long story short, Invincible and Titan team up to take down Machinehead once and for all, right when several supervillains teleport in out of nowhere! – Including freaking BATTLE BEAST?!

Battle Beast!!!

And yes, he’s voiced by Worf himself, Michael Dorn! Battle Beast (and a host of other villains from the comics) team up to take down Invincible and Titan and just when all hope seems lost, the (New) Guardians of the Globe show up!

During the ensuing battle, Mark is completely taken out of commission as Battle Beast smashes him through the tile, while the rest of the team is barely holding their own. After one of the most intense fights in anything ever, Black Samson and Monster Girl are in critical condition and I have to admit, I was scared that they were pulling a Walking Dead and killing off two main characters without warning, because this is Kirkman we’re talking about here and no one is safe, not even Monster Girl.

After being dissapointed in what Earth has to offer in the way of warriors, Battle Beast teleports away and we’re left with the carnage. The episode ends with another surprise: Titan takes over Machinehead’s criminal empire with the help of Isotope and brings his family along to see their new home.

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