“INVINCIBLE” Episode 6 Recap (Spoilers)

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Episode 6 : “You Look Kinda Dead”

This one’s a pretty by the numbers episode with a dose of pretty serious personal stakes. It’s yet another one that takes a comic storyline that was spread out over several issues and compresses it into one. The ‘Reanimen’ first appeared in Issue 6, whereas their creator didn’t officially show up until Issue 20. While I do enjoy the slow burn of the comics with all the mystery, revelations and build up, for this show it totally makes sense to not do that for pacing.

The episode of course picks up right after the shocking cliffhanger from the previous one (still recovering from that btw), with the Guardians being rushed into the ER!

We get a super disturbing moment where Monster Girl is dying, coughing up blood and then just as the doctors try and help her, she instinctively turns and smashes one of the surgeons into a wall. Robot appears and helps to stitch her up. Meanwhile, Black Samson (Khary Payton) is flatlining and when they try and defib him, all of a sudden an EMP blast rings out!

Invincible is under surgery and it’s not looking good. When he waked up we find out that he was under for six days! Eve shows up and explains that she covered for him with Amber and said that he got hit by a bus. We then get another tense scene between Omni-Man and Cecil where we both know that they’re onto each other but they’re trying to play it cool.

This episode introduces us to the sinister genius, D.A. Sinclair (played perfectly by Ezra Miller – seriously, that’s the creepy voice I pictured in the comics). Mark and Amber join Mark’s friend, William, and his new boyfriend in checking out the college campus. It’s there that they meet Sinclair, a classic pompous mad scientist type and there’s some grear back and forth between the characters. (Anyone else notive the professor kinda looks like Carl Sagan?)

Soon after, a cyborg zombie appears! (one of Sinclair’s Frankensteined experiments, known in the comics as the Reanimen) In one of my favorite moments, Invincible rescues William and he recognizes him immediately! During the battle, the undead cyborg sees its reflection in the water and horrified, immediately kills itself!

Meanwhile, Mark’s mom takes Nolan’s suit to Art and he figures out from a forensics analyst that not only did he fight the Guardians, he struck first! – and it turns out Nolan is listening in from the air…

William interogates Mark about being Invincible and tries to blackmail him into taking him flying. Amber is invited to a frat party (the ok kind that’s not super douchey). Monster Girl comes to and has a moment with Robot. William finds Rick’s phone and then finds his shoes by an open manhole…

Nolan meets Art with a six pack, at one point saying, “What’s the matter Art, you seem nervous?” (It feels like a threat and I’m very worried for Mark Hamill)

Mark sees Amber flirting with a guy at the party right when he gets a very concerning, very staticky call from William being attacked in the sewers! Turns out, Rick got turned into a mecha-zombie, and got part of his brain taken out, but William manages to get through to Rick just in time to turn against the other Frankenstein monsters, before they beat the crap out of Mark.

Oh yeah, that happens too ^

Nolan arrives home right as Debbie’s downing another full glass of whine. She explodes at him, straight up confronting him about killing his super friends! He responds, “You’re drunk, we’ll talk about this in the morning” and she just walks away with a “Fuck you, Nolan.” Leaving him to punch a hole through the wall, like a superpowered emo kid.

Just when you think things can’t get much worse, the post-credits scene shows two kids digging up the Immortal’s grave, one of whom seems to be the stepson of the White House security guard (from the opening of the first episode) and that’s when the Mauler Twins show up!

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