“LOKI” Episode Four – Recap (Spoilers)

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After a heart-wrenching flash back to Sylvie as a kid, in Asgard, being taken away by the TVA, we jump forward to Loki and Sylvie as they await the end of their worlds as the doomed planet Lamentis crumbles around them. She explains to her male counterpart that she escaped their custody as a child and had been on the run ever since, hiding in apocalyptic events, “That’s where I grew up, the end of a thousand worlds… and that’s where I’ll die.”

Right before they meet their fate however, the TVA registers a huge spike caused by the biggest nexus event they’ve ever seen!

So the two Loki’s are saved at the last moment by the Time Variance Authority. They’re put in chains and seperated. Mobius attempts to get some information out of Loki, assuming the two were working together on some elaborate plot to cause chaos. Loki tries to tell Mobius, “The TVA is lying to you!” before he’s thrown in a ‘cell’.

Loki then finds himself stuck in a Dormamu style loop where he gets kneed in the balls by Sif every 30 seconds!

Sif continually tells him, “You are alone and you always will be.” And he starts to believe it. Once again this show does a brilliant job of alternating between random hilarity to these really deep and introspective moments.

Eventually Mobius shows up to grab Loki for questioning again. Loki tries to convince Mobius of the truth: that they’re all variants – and he calls him out, saying “You’re the biggest liar of them all.” Mobius asks why, he responds, “It’s because you lie to yourself.”

Then Hunter B15 starts having a crisis of conscience herself and sets Sylvie free, bringing her back to the hurricane so she can question her about her memories.

Meanwhile, Mobius and Judge Renslayer talk and you can tell that Mobius is starting to question things after Loki placed that seed of doubt in him. After realizing C20 was erased for speaking out, Mobius finally starts to come around to realizing that what Loki was saying is true – they’re all variants!

Agent Mobius shows up to free Loki from his eternal fate (of getting his balls crushed by Sif), but Renslayer and her troops are waiting for them and as a result, Mobius is erased from existance!

Loki and Sylvie are brought before the Time Keepers and it’s at this moment when B15 shows up and all hell breaks loose!

During the chaos, Sylvie decapitates one of the Time Keepers and it’s revealed that they’re just mindless androids! So who’s pulling the strings? Who’s the man behind the curtain?! Before they can do or say anything, Loki – our Loki – is seemingly vaporized by Renslayer!?

Oh and don’t forget to check that mid credit scene…

Gasp! Is that an older comics accurate Loki?!

Ultimately this episode leaves us with even more questions than answers, but I’m absolutely on board for even more Lokis!

“Loki” is now streaming on Disney+!

Up next: Episode 5: Journey Into Mystery!

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