Spoiler Alert – Issue One: 7 Awesome Changes to the DC Universe (part 7)

Continued from Part 6: One part demi-goddess, two part boobs, all kickass!

#1 – Aquaman is… badass?!

Last, but (surprisingly) no longer the least is none other than AQUAMAN, reimagined by the master of revamps, Geoff Johns (who also singlehandedly fixed everything previously wrong with the Green  Lantern saga and I highly recommend his entire GL series, which is actually still cannon btw). Aquaman has long been the ass-end to many a punch-line in pop-culture references. Whenever a comedian bashes super heroes, Aquaman is exhibit A, a fact that Johns actually exploits and embraces, but ultimately he succeeds in proving everyone is completely wrong. Aquaman is by no means a lame character, however he has been done an injustice on more than one occasion.

The ‘Super Friends’ cartoon comes to mind which gave the impression that he was more useless than Robin and those damn Wonder Twins put together. One major departure from the original is that Arthur grew up on land with his human father and didn’t know much about his mother, or where she came from, but was always drawn to the ocean. I bring your attention to an exchange in issue one. It’s explained that Arthur doesn’t talk to fish, he manipulates sea creatures.

Mera, his Atlantean girlfriend whose a literal fish out of water, was a great addition and makes for an intriguing dynamic.  She’s got this awesome ability to control H2O itself which is pretty sweet. There’s also a great scene where they adopt a dog, who happens to be afraid of water. The opening storyline in this new book depicts a savage man-eating race of desperate subterranean aquatic monsters from deep within the Atlantic Trench, which makes for an interesting adversary, plus the mysteries of Atlantis are yet to be revealed… there are plenty of reasons to pick up the trade (if you aren’t already reading this title), but one of the best things about Aquaman’s portrayal is his take-no-shit attitidue. He’s got patience sure, but you don’t want to give him crap for talking to dolphins, because the man’s got a freaking Trident! Nuff said.

Now Marvel needs to take a ‘page’ from DC in this regard, and get the ball rolling on their own reboot…

By the way, if you haven’t seen it, head over to You Tube and check out DC’s official commercial for the New 52

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