Top 100 Heroes 100-91


The age old questions of comic fans: Batman or Superman? Spider-Man or Wolverine? The debates about the best heroes are endless. We tried to make a top 10 list, but that was just too hard. So we tried a top 25, but that quickly became a top 50… you get the idea. So we were able to ‘narrow’ it down to an even 100. Odds are you will vehemently disagree with who did or did not make the list, or just the order that we placed them. But, hey, it’s our list.

(Honorable mentions to Beta Ray Bill, USAgent, Martian Manhunter, Kid Flash, Hercules, The Frenchman and the Female (the Boys), Abe Sapien, Spider-Man 2099, Static Shock, Nite Owl, Guy Gardner, Booster Gold, Spawn, Atom Eve, Mary Marvel, and a hell of a lot more. So many more we could- and may- do another whole 100 list!)

We will release these in installments of 10 so that you don’t have the longest list ever to read through. Agree with the placement or who made the list? Disagree with the burning power of a thousand suns? Let us know! Enjoy!



100. Adam Warlock


Real Name: “Him” aka Adam Warlock
First Appearance: as “Him”- Fantastic Four #66 (1967) as “Adam Warlock”- Marvel Premiere #1 (1972)
Enemies: Thanos, The Magus, The Goddess

“I am Him… not born of man and woman! I was created to be invincible! And those that made me… made me well.” ~Adam Warlock

Adam seems to get completely revamped for every generation, but always seems to have a sweet look (pictured above is my favorite). He’s got relationships with all of the major cosmic players, including Eternity, Galactus, the Living Tribunal, Thanos, and the Silver Surfer, was a critical part of saving the universe in the Infinity Gauntlet story, and, oh yeah, wielded the gauntlet himself for a time. He has a twisted dark side that becomes personified from time to time called the Magus, and he’s generally seen as a universal threat almost on the level of Thanos.


99. Savage Dragon


Real Name: Dragon (also Emperor Kurr, but that’s a long story)
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #1 (1992)
Enemies: The Vicious Circle, Horde, Abner Cadaver, Brainiape, Cyberface, Damien Darklord, the Fiend, Overlord, Powerhouse

“In case you’ve forgotten, I’m still the only cop on this bloody police force with the power to deal with these bastards.” ~Savage Dragon

One of the famed Image comics launch titles, Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon was an instant fan favorite, and unlike the vast majority of the other launch titles, is still going strong, with Larsen writing and drawing EVERY issue! A superhuman with amnesia wakes up in a burning field in Chicago. While he tries to figure out who he is and where he came from he decides to join the Chicago PD to help fight the Vicious Circle, a gang of super villains terrorizing the city. With his super strength and regeneration abilities, Dragon is not someone you want to mess with. Dragon has retired, and his son Malcolm (who looks a hell of a lot like him) is the current lead in the title.


98. Drax the Destroyer


Real Name: Drax
First Appearance: The Invincible Iron Man #55 (1973)
Enemies: Thanos, the Phalanx, Annihilus

“I suppose I could stab it. Would stabbing it help?” ~Drax the Destroyer

Drax has been through a lot of changes in the last few years. He used to be a big dumb oaf who wore a purple cape and was kind of like a ‘Hulk in space’. His sole reason for existing is to kill Thanos, and it’s kind of hard to that when you’re a big dummy. Drax was ‘reborn’ in the early 2000’s into the version we know now: not quite as strong and fast as he was, but much more intelligent (even cunning!) and far more deadly. He even achieved his ultimate goal in the “Annihilation” event when he tore Thanos’ heart straight out of his chest! Drax has since served as a long-standing member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


97. Wonder Man


Real Name: Simon Williams
First Appearance: The Avengers #9 (1964)
Enemies: Grim Reaper, Ultron, Kang

“The world’s gone insane, Wanda! You want a quick fix? You want a little action to make everything right? Then meet your new hero.” ~Wonder Man

Wonder Man is one of the oldest, most powerful Avengers and he is deeply tied to their history. He was originally a villain who was granted powers by Baron Zemo to fight the Avengers. He seemingly died in their fight, but he was later resurrected (a couple of times!) by villains to fight the team again. He regained control of his mind and joined the team. His brother is long-time Avengers villain the Grim Reaper, he was killed again and resurrected by the Scarlet Witch, his unrequited love. Ultron used his brain patterns to create the Vision. There are very few corners of Avengers lore he is not closely tied to.


96. Mother’s Milk


Real Name: Unrevealed
First Appearance: The Boys #2 (2006)
Enemies: The Seven, Voght American

“MuthaFUCKA. What kinda goddamn games you playin now?” ~Mother’s Milk

One of the Boys, a CIA backed team of black ops humans chemically given superhuman strength in order to keep superheroes, who in this world have a tendency to be truly awful fucking people, in line (by pretty much any means necessary), Mother’s Milk is one bad mama jama. After his family suffered horribly due to the good folks at Voght-American, a company that backs super heroes (and creates them. And covers up their atrocities and daily horrors), he was recruited into the boys by Billy Butcher and went to work putting deductive skills and iron will to work. M.M., like all of the Boys, has a somewhat mysterious past for most of the book, but when you learn about his family history with his parents and unfortunate brother, and then what happened with his kid and her mother… well it’s no wonder this guy has some frustration to get out.


95. Dr. Voodoo


Real Name: Jericho Drumm
First Appearance: Strange Tales #169 (1973)
Enemies: Baron Samedi, Black Talon

“I am not the Sorcerer Supreme you are accustomed to matching. I am- Dr. Voodoo! Gunner of God- when I roar the Earth trembles!” ~Dr Voodoo

The Houngan Supreme of Haiti and one time Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Voodoo is not someone you want on your bad side. Other than Stephen Strange he has forgotten more about magic than most would learn in two lifetimes, and the stuff he’s forgotten is usually remembered by his brother Daniel, whose disembodied spirit is bound to Jericho and follows him around all the time (God, that would suck). When Dr. Strange was considered unworthy to continue being Sorcerer Supreme Jericho was chosen to replace him as the protector of our reality and as a member of the Avengers. While Dr. Strange has reclaimed his mantle as the top wizard around, Voodoo has continued to fight the good fight alongside the Avengers Unity Squad.


94. Spider-Man


Real Name: Miles Morales
First Appearance: Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 (2011)
Enemies: Iron Spider/Prowler (Aaron Davis)

“With great power comes great responsibility. What would Peter Parker do?” ~ Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Maybe the most popular character Marvel has introduced in recent years (probably second; top honors likely goes to the character coming in at 92), Miles Morales is a Spider-Man for a new generation. Originally replacing the murdered Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universe, Miles is smack dab in the middle of the ‘real’ Marvel Universe after the events of Secret Wars. He’s been an Avenger and is currently a member of the Champions, and has been featured heavily in events like Spider-Verse, Civil War 2, Secret Wars, and Secret Empire. He’s a lot like Peter Parker in that he has terrible luck but still legitimately cares about people and is willing to lay it all on the line. His relationship with Peter is pretty interesting, and is almost like an older-younger brother relationship.


93. Havok


Real Name: Alex Summers
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #54 (1969)
Enemies: Vulcan, Goblin Queen, Cameron Hodge, Magneto

“I knew I wasn’t going to die. I kept waiting for my life to flash before my eyes… and all I got were re-runs of ‘Mr Belvedere’” ~Havok

The younger brother of the X-Men’s Cyclops, Havok has had an interesting history. He’s been an X-Man, a non-combatant, the leader of the government sponsored X-Factor, the leader of the first Avengers/X-Men Unity Squad, and on at least two or three occasions he’s been a villain (usually some form of brain washing is involved). The inconsistency in his portrayal has probably hurt his long-term popularity a bit, but this immensely powerful mutant is a Marvel mainstay, despite having maybe the worst costumes of pretty much anyone.


92. Ms. Marvel


Real Name: Kamala Kahn
First Appearance: Captain Marvel #14 (2013)
Enemies: Doc.X, Lowdown, Discord, K.I.N.D., Hydra

“You can call me Ms. Marvel. And if you cooperate, I won’t throw you again.” ~Ms Marvel

Probably the most popular character Marvel has introduced in the last 10 years (with apologies to Miles Morales), this Muslim-American has ties to the Avengers (former member), the Champions (current member), and the Inhumans (of which she is one). She’s got a close bond with Lockjaw, which right away should tell you she’s awesome. She’s got a heart of gold and cares more about civilian lives and property damage than she does in beating up the bad guys with her polymorphic powers (very Reed Richards-like). An interesting character with a very bright future ahead of her.


91. Blue Beetle


Real Name: Jaime Reyes
First Appearance: Infinite Crisis #5 (2006)
Enemies: La Dama, Black Beetle, Dr. Polaris, The Reach

“An evil, all-seeing artificial intelligence, with a army of robots manned by innocent people kidnapped against their will? What psycho-nut job super villain built that?” ~Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

The third hero in DC Comics to carry the mantle of the Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes is the first to utilize the full power of the alien scarab, and as such is significantly more formidable than his predecessors. The scarab had barely fused to his body, however, when Booster Gold and some heroes popped up, showed him he had powers, and almost immediately dragged him into outer space to fight the rogue satellite AI Brother Eye during the events of Infinite Crisis. He’s been a fairly regular member of the Teen Titans and is pretty close with characters like Rose Wilson (Ravager), Tim Drake (Robin/Red Robin), and Static Shock.


That’s it for part 1! Join us for part 2 where we will take a look at numbers 90-81, including looks at Batwoman, Colossus, and the Walking Dead’s Carl Grimes!

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